We take pride and care in the crafted products we sell.  Please note that most of our items are either hand made or hand finished, and this takes time.  Here is how our process works:

1) We ship Monday-Friday, except on holidays when couriers are not running.

2) Each product page will have the processing time (X days to Ship) displayed. Processing Time is defined as the number of business days from the date of purchase, to the date the order is shipped.  For example; Todays date is 5/25, you placed your order today, and your item has a 4 business-day processing time, that means your order will ship out no later than 5/31(the 2 weekend days are not included) and be delivered based on the shipping profile you selected.

3) Some items will display a 1-day processing time.  These items are in-stock and ready to ship.  They will ship out either that day, or the next business day. 

4) We are a small, family business.  Circumstances arise, and sometimes things are out of our control.  We strive for the best customer service, punctuality and product quality possible.  We will do our best to fulfill our policies and lead times, but please be patient with us if there happens to be a delay or an issue with your order.