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Custom Engraved Carbon Fiber Pet ID Tag

Custom Engraved Carbon Fiber Pet ID Tag

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     Introducing the ultimate identification tag for your loved ones or furry friends! This carbon fiber tag is not only stylish but also packed with practicality. Get ready to add some personality and a touch of charm to the way you keep your loved ones safe.

     Customize this tag with the identification information of your choice. Whether you're a proud parent, guardian, or a pet owner, this tag has got you covered. Engrave your child's or pet's name on the front, making them feel like the true VIP they are. Want to go the extra mile? Flip it over and add contact information on the back, ensuring that your loved one is always just a phone call away.

     We understand that space is precious, so we offer the option to engrave on a single side or both sides. If you prefer to have everything on one side, don't worry! We'll make sure the text is slightly smaller to fit all the essential information while maintaining legibility.

     We know how personal you want it to be, so we offer a range of vibrant colors to fill the engraving. Choose from a spectrum of hues that perfectly match your loved one's personality or your pet's unique style. It's a small touch that adds a big splash of charm and customization to this already delightful tag.

     In addition to the customizable engraving and vibrant colors, our carbon fiber tag also offers a variety of shapes to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a classic dog-bone, a trendy rectangle, or a unique diamond shape, we've got the perfect option for you. Each shape maintains the sleek and stylish design, ensuring that your loved ones or pets can carry their identification with both safety and flair. Choose the shape that speaks to you.

     So, say goodbye to boring identification tags and hello to the functional and stylish carbon fiber tag! Order now and keep your loved ones or pets safe in style. After all, safety doesn't have to be dull when you can add a personal touch and a splash of color!

     Every LeDoux Made Carbon Fiber Tag is a carefully crafted accessory that seamlessly blends durability, style, and personalization. CNC machined and hand-sanded to perfection, each tag undergoes meticulous assembly and painting in house from start to finish. This premium tag showcases the strength of carbon fiber, a material extensively utilized in high-tech industries for its remarkable resilience. The engraved design adds a touch of individuality, while the painted infill offers a splash of vibrant colors to suit your preference.  With LeDoux Made, you can trust in the tag's enduring quality and its ability to withstand the test of time. Perfect for discerning clients seeking both functionality and elegance, this carbon fiber tag exudes an air of sophistication. Elevate your everyday carry and make a statement with the LeDoux Made Carbon Fiber tag that effortlessly embodies durability, style, and personalization.

    Each tag comes with a stainless jump ring, providing a secure attachment to your keys or accessories. For those seeking the next level of technological sophistication, we offer an optional upgrade to a titanium side splitting key ring. This premium upgrade not only enhances the functionality of the tag but also adds a touch of luxury. 

     Please note:

     Not all tags support the same number of characters on each line, and not all characters are the same width.  We are able to scale the text slightly, however in order to maintain legibility and reliability, we suggest as a general rule of thumb to use 12-14 characters per line or less and 4 lines or less.  See possible layout example below.  

      XXXXXXXX          Line 1 (8 Chars) Centered
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX   Line 2 (14 Chars) Maxed
  XXXXXXXXXXXX     Line 3 (12 Chars) Centered
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX   Line 4 (14 Chars) Maxed
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